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Tea in the Middle East

Sarka Babicka
Photography by Sarka Babicka


Dried mixed herbs and flowers (as a mixture or separately) are used widely in the Middle East to make tea.

The are a variety of teas, some blends and others are just dried herbs and flowers, for example tea can be made simply from aniseed or dried mint or a mix of wild flowers also known as zhoorat (right jar in the picture).

To the left in the image is your usual chamomile. To the right is one of my favourite teas using wild flowers. We know it as zhoorat and it is most often a blend of chamomile, damascus rose, bay leaves, corn silk , lemon bam, dried cherry stems to name a few.

Differing teas are used to treat a number of ailments such as menstrual pain relief, bleeding, anxiety, fertility and even insanity!


This post will be updated ongoing as it is by no means encompassing of the rich tea heritage of the Middle East.

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  1. I just want to stare at this photograph all day long… it is superbe!!!!! I’ve had this tea, and it is so tasty!

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