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Taste Lebanon Monthly Mingle Roundup

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It’s been an honor playing host for this month’s mingle and delving into the intricacies of Lebanese cuisine with fellow food bloggers from around the world. Over the last month, I have discovered new blogs as well as very interesting twists and reinterpretations on the cuisine of Lebanon. It’s been truly wonderful and I thank all who participated. To view pictures of the creations visit the photo gallery here.  Links to all the scrumptious creations are listed below at random… I recommend you don’t miss checking a single one and I urge you to get cookin’ with Lebanese ingredients. You’ll be hooked 😉

  1. Tasty Curry Leaf: Msakaet al Batinjan-Eggplant Casserole
  2. E Curry: Daoud Basha
  3. Food Bridge: Lebanese Stuffed Onions
  4. Taste Space: Lebanese Eggplants with Tomatoes and Chickpeas
  5. Seven Cloves: Shish Taouk
  6. What’s For Lunch Honey: Warm Lentil Salad with Dried Cherries, Feta & Marinated Lamb fillet
  7. Divine Taste: Nammoura
  8. Cooksister: Foul Mudammas
  9. Journey Kitchen: Meghli- Lebanese Rice Pudding
  10. Yum and More: Bulgur and Apricot Cake “Simone” with Orange Anis Sauce
  11. Jul’s Kitchen: Chicken Kebab with Baba Ghanouj
  12. One Tribe Gourmet: Labneh
  13. Simplicious: Ghrayby
  14. Carmy’s Kitchen:  Atayef with Caramelized Onions & Nectarines
  15. Thattukada: Baklava
  16. Sinfully Spicy: Shish Tawouk w Toum
  17. My Custard Pie: Preserved Lemon Chicken
  18. Taste of Pearl City: Baba Ganoush with Sfeeha
  19. Vegetarianirvana: Lentil & Vermicelli Salad & Honeyed Labne
  20. Fork Spoon Knife: Lebanese Soup with Moghrabieh
  21. Dirty Kitchen Secrets: Fried Cauliflower with Tarator

16 thoughts on “Taste Lebanon Monthly Mingle Roundup

  1. A great roundup and thank you for hosting this round of the Monthly Mingle. Thanks also to everyone who came to the party. You folks did a brilliant job!

  2. Looks like a bunch of great recipes Beth! Going to go and check them out. I was so fired up to do it and then my brain like a sieve kicked in and I forgot until the last minute 🙁 Must get a PA or something ;P

  3. Thanks for a great round up. This was my first ‘Mingle’ and I really enjoyed it. I’ve found some lovely new people, recipes and blogs along the way.

  4. What a lovely collection! Thanks for hosting this roundup! I bet everything will be great 🙂 After all. It’s Lbanese food which I really love.

  5. I completely forgot that I was planning to take part in this! Great roundup, am going to check out a few of the recipes as I know so little about Lebanese food (apart from your awesome garlic sauce, that is). 😛

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