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Super Bowl Recipes – Easy Lebanese Style!

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Hello folks! This post is for all my lovely American friends who are getting ready for the Super Bowl on Sunday. My sister, Adla, is over on this side visiting and she’s rooting for the Packers, which naturally means I am too, only because she so nicely asked me to.

Either way here are some Lebanese recipes that will make the perfect Super Bowl spread.  There are so many dips to choose from; of course, everyone is familiar with the traditional hummus, but this recipe shows you how to make the real deal-no store bought please- after all it’s the Super Bowl man! How about hummus b’ lahme– we all know men love their meat, (shhhhhhhh!) this has the added health factor I won’t tell if you don’t. Or just go the chunky route and serve this magnificent hummus balila– I promise they’ll be rooting for YOU before the end of it.  Can’t make your mind up and want all those dips- go for the touchdown baby! It is the Super Bowl after all! trade in that 7 layer bean dip for this exotic Lebanese layered dip… those beautiful pomegranate jewels add an effortless wow factor to the presentation.

Sour cream and chives?- so pass…é… It’s all about the labneh– and three different flavors too! Oh wait, let’s not forget baba ghanouj! hello, who doesn’t like creamy eggplant dip! Take care of the ladies by serving up some veggies- these cauliflower fritters with a tahini sauce will get you a big P.H.A.T  A! Make ahead, then just plate and serve. Be careful! You don’t want to get boooooed for not tackling their hunger-so make a big batch of these stuffed Swiss chard fingers.

Meat pies, anyone? Sfiha is the perfect fall-to comfort food when the ball gets intercepted.

Be sure to have a couple of whole Globe artichokes on hand when tension gets high, they’ll need all they can get their teeth on.

Finally, it’s never a complete Super Bowl party without the chicken wings– try these luscious babies with garlic, coriander & pomegranate molasses to keep the team spirit flowing.

Now put your game faces on and get this Lebanese- inspired Super Bowl party started!

6 thoughts on “Super Bowl Recipes – Easy Lebanese Style!

  1. I’d like to give a big thumbs up to the Hummus Balila recipe. Tried this just the other day and the taste will knock your socks off. Super delicious!

  2. We enjoyed the super bowl with your Hummus Balila & chicken wings 🙂 It was a crowd pleaser. Thanks, sis!

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