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A Lebanese Layered Dip

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The idea for this dish came to me months ago but it only came to life yesterday. I am happy to say it was a great success. It takes inspiration from the seven-layer dip although it doesn’t have as many layers. It combines hummus b’ lahme, hummus balila and gorgeous pomegranate arils and is in fact built upon an intricate layer of flavors. First, there is the zesty and velvety smooth hummus b’ tahini, then, a layer of humus balila which hosts the aromatic cumin, followed by 7-spiced minced lamb which is then appropriately finished off with some pomegranate molasses. Finally it is sprinkled with toasted pine nuts, pomegranate arils and refreshing mint. 

It can all be made ahead if need be and then the appropriate parts heated just before assembly. To make it prepare the hummus b’ tahini as per this recipe, then prepare the hummus balila as per this recipe leaving the pine nuts out, then prepare the minced lamb as per this recipe, or if you are vegetarian then obviously just neglect this step. Assemble as noted above and sprinkle with toasted pine nuts, pomegranate arils and fresh mint. Should serve about 8 people.

Serve with crispy Arabic bread triangles at your next football tailgate/party or any other time will do as well. It is best served when the hummus b’ tahini is at room temperature and assembled while the minced meat and balila are still warm.

30 thoughts on “A Lebanese Layered Dip

  1. This is SO beautiful! Bookmarking it for Christmas Eve – I promised mum I’d help her make food for her cocktail party and it’s just the kind of showstopper I’m looking for – and can be made ahead, bonus!

  2. This is a stunner of a dish – I like the way the complex layers of flavour are actually embodied in layers of different preparations. And it looks so good too. The pomegranate really enlivens the appearance (and I suspect adds a lovely tart fresh edge to the smoother warm spicy notes of lamb and hummus). And it can be prepared ahead of time, what more could you ask. Great dish. And one I will be using to beat away the cold seeping in from our snowy November.

  3. wow, for real ?!! this is gorgeous and an absolute MUST make !! i love every component, every layer, every ingredient – and the final product is just spectacular. another divine dks creation, thank you ! can not wait to try…

  4. Beth, it was so nice meeting you the other weekend. This dip was amazing, and I think the pomegranate seeds are what made it for me! They were a delicious compliment to the savoury spiced lamb. I may have to give this a go as an appy at our Christmas party next weekend! Thanks again for a fab day. Look forward to seeing you at FBC next year!

  5. oh this bowl looks absolutely delicious, I still haven’t ventured out into Lebanese cooking but girls this looks like the perfect dish for a friday eve, sitting in the sofa and watching a good movie while dipping away! Wish I had a bit of minced lamb around, I would make it today!

  6. Wow, wow, wow Bethany. I would not have dreamt this up in a million years. It is exceptionally exquisite on the eye and it is making something so classic into an eclectic, contemporary masterpiece.

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