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Kishk is a fine, powdery cereal that is a mixture of burghul wheat that has been fermented with yoghurt (laban). It is part of the Lebanese mouneh and is a valuable winter diet staple especially to the isolated village or mountain folks. It is prepared in the middle of September when the cow or goat milk starts getting richer in fat, and after the wheat crop is harvested in June/July. It is also important to note that weather must still be sunny. The process takes about nine days and each morning the mixture is kneaded. Once fermentation is complete, the mixture is spread onto clean cloths and laid out on rooftops to sundry. It is finally rubbed between the hands till it is reduced to a powder and back again into the sunlight to remove any humidity that might have stayed in during the rubbing process. It is then put into pure white cotton bags as my grandmother used to do or airtight containers and stored in a dry place.

11 thoughts on “Kishk

  1. It’s official I love your site. I love Kishk, I have about 3 lbs. in the freezer. We had it at our friends for breakfast one day. I said I liked it so my husband had a friend bring some from Lebanon. Problem is that I’m afraid to make it. It seems like it could go very wrong if not done right.

    1. definitely my favorite breakfast!
      it’s very easy to prepare, sautee onions & minced garlic till red, then add one cup of kishk. for every one cup, add two cups of water. stir till thick & enjoy with a cup of tea and onions on the side.

      if you like to add ground beef, mix that in after you have a creamy consistency. viola, it tastes amazing!

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  3. How long can kichek last in the freezer? Is it ok to use it if itโ€™s two years old? I have so much of it and we donโ€™t eat it that often. Thanks!

    1. Yes, it will last in the freezer. Two years if fine if it was prepared in super careful hygienic methods. Please use your own judgement.

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