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A Champion of Middle Eastern Food & Recipes


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“In the Middle East, cooking is a truly intuitive art form… there is a saying that if you run with your senses, especially your sense of smell, that you will find inspiration. It is never about exact measurements and always about instinct.”

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Bethany’s award-winning debut cookbook entitled The Jewelled Kitchen (AKA Pomegranates and Pine Nuts US) will take you on an unforgettable adventure of Middle Eastern and North African cuisines.

We are all familiar with a few mezze favourites- hummus, falafel, tabbouleh and stuffed vine leaves- but Bethany offers up a whole host of other treasures. From Tuna Tartare with Chermoula and Sumac-Scented Chicken Parcels, to Cardamom-Scented Profiteroles and Ma’amoul Shortbread Cookies, here are mouth-watering dishes for you to try.

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Bethany’s recipes stem from her childhood, as she mixes traditional country fare with cosmopolitan feasts, and adds contemporary twists. In this book, she unveils a culinary heritage that is as rich as it is diverse. Combining ancient practice and modern sensibility, with an eye towards demystifying the cuisine for today’s home chef, and beautifully illustrated images from renown photographer Sarka Babicka, The Jewelled Kitchen is sure to become a classic.

The book covers the cuisines of  Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Egypt and the rest of North Africa.

Since its publication on July 4th, 2013, The Jewelled Kitchen has been featured in The Times, The Guardian, BBC Good Food, The Kitchn, Design Sponge, Grazia, and countless other international publications. It has been heralded by both industry greats and widely-acclaimed by her blogging peers. Following a very healthy first print run, the Jewelled Kitchen was re-printed within six months of its first publication date.

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Winner of the UK Gourmand World Cookbooks 2013 Award for Best Blog to Book category

 Cookbook of the Week (July 4th) The Telegraph

One of the notable cookbooks of 2013 The New York Times

   “Kehdy’s book presents an entire culinary world and tradition, ready to excite and challenge the Middle Eastern and North African eater” Publisher’s Weekly

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“The Jewelled Kitchen is original, thoughtful and delicious”  Celebrity Chef Yotam Ottolenghi

“I’ve been dipping into the Jewelled Kitchen, a gorgeous looking and gem-filled recipe book from a new champion of Middle Eastern food ”   Celebrity Chef Yotam Ottolenghi

“Bethany’s distinctive modern take on Middle Eastern classics is an absolute joy!”                       Michelin-Star Chef Greg Malouf

  “It’s one of the few cookbooks I have in my collection that makes me want to make each and every dish in it. She’s a fantastic cook”  Celebrity author and blogger David Lebovitz

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“Only time will tell if The Jewelled Kitchen is at the forefront of a Middle Eastern cooking revolution- but it’s certainly poised to become the go-to guide for Irish cooks looking for an easy and authentic Lebanese experience”  Nick Beard  from Baking Beardy’s blog

“I lost count of my cookbook collection at 120, most of them Middle Eastern and Mediterranean oriented. If I had to keep only five books this one would be on the list, along with classics by Claudia Roden, Paula Wolfert and Nawal Nasrallah.”   Sarah Melamed- Israeli Food Blogger

 “It’s the first cookbook to open the door into Middle Eastern kitchens for a long time.”                       Sally Prosser of My Custard Pie

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The book is called Pomegranates and Pine Nuts in the United States and The Jewelled Kitchen in the rest of the world. The recipes and contents are the same with the American edition utilising imperial units.

Please note 2 minor corrections to the book which have been incorporated in the second print but can also be found here.