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Photography by Sarka Babicka
Photography by Sarka Babicka


Bulgur, is a cereal food made from different wheat species, usually durum wheat. It is sold parboiled, dried and partially de-branned. It is available in 4 grinds or sizes: fine (#1), Medium (#2), Coarse (#3), Extra Coarse (#4). The burghul you see labeled in most chain supermarkets in UK as fine is in fact more medium coarse and so if the grade is very important it’s best to source your bulgur from a Middle Eastern/Ethnic grocer which usually carry an assortment of grades and brands. Bulgur is considered more nutritious than white rice and couscous because of its high fiber, vitamin and mineral content. It is one of the ingredients used in tabouleh (sparingly) and kebbeh. The coarser varieties are preferred in stuffings and pilafs.

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